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TheDukes January 6, 2015

We R PC Illiterate Then How do U Email or Text It? (or Y U NO LEARN HOW TO YOUTUBE!?)

December 15, 2014



My aunt. *groan, run fingers through hair* Oh my aunt. About a month ago, she texts me, asking me to...

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What is Love? (Baby Don’t Hurt Me. Don’t Hurt Me. No More.)

September 21, 2014



I am taking an online Human Sexuality class (which a friend has chosen to believe is really just me surfing the interwebs for porn. You know who you are. This one’s for you. *smirk*). This is my response to a discussion question posed by my teacher.


December 28, 2013



White Fire and The Hound of the Baskervilles and Chi Running and Hidden Cities and Gulp and Eat & Run and The Psychopath Inside and OMG THERE ARE SO MANY BOOKS I CAN READ NOW!!!!

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