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Sneaky Card #25

August 16, 2016



I recently bought this game, Sneaky Cards, because I thought it would make my days a little more interesting and bring me out of my comfort zone sometimes. I like the idea of “play it forward”, involving strangers in a perpetual game and giving us all more of a sense of connection and community. Plus, […]

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10 Things That Were Wrong With My First Cars and How Looking Back, It Wasn’t So Bad

January 6, 2015



When I was a teenager with a shiny new license to drive, I didn’t have the best of luck with the automobiles I got stuck with. No pick-up, noisy, smelly, tricky, hazardous, leaky, inoperative cars. But it's cool...

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We R PC Illiterate Then How do U Email or Text It? (or Y U NO LEARN HOW TO YOUTUBE!?)

December 15, 2014



My aunt. *groan, run fingers through hair* Oh my aunt. About a month ago, she texts me, asking me to...

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