Sneaky Card #25

Posted on August 16, 2016


I recently bought this game, Sneaky Cards, because I thought it would make my days a little more interesting and bring me out of my comfort zone sometimes. I like the idea of “play it forward”, involving strangers in a perpetual game and giving us all more of a sense of connection and community. Plus, I get to track the cards online to see if anyone puts the locations of where these end up. I really hope some people play along and do that. 😀
Anyway, I thought it would be fun to keep track of which ones I play and the situations I’m in when they get played. What better forum to do that than the bloggy-blog?

The first one I played was #25, “Slip this card into a pocket at a clothing store.” I went to a second hand store for brand name professional clothes and slipped it into the breast pocket of a button-up shirt. All sneaky-like. I gotta say – I felt all 007. 🙂
(Edit: August 28 – I received an update on this card; someone found it and tracked it online. Nice!)

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