Sneaky Cards 13 and 4

Posted on August 18, 2016


Yesterday I met a friend at a coffee shop. He always makes me smile. The genuine Contribute-to-Your-Crows-Feet kinda smile. So I thought it so very fitting that he be the recipient of card number 13. 

“Give this card to someone who makes you smile.” And it was such a feel-good, giving, smiling moment that we both had em ear-to-ear. Perfect person for this card. (^_^)

Then, as I was sitting there, I thought it a good location/opportunity to play another one. I picked mimber 4, “Play the worlds largest game of tag. Tap someone on the shoulder and tell them they’re ‘It!’ Then hand them this card.”

I scoped out my choices and ultimately went with the girl with glasses, sitting on a sofa, nose in a book. She was turned away from me, so I startled her when I touched her arm. She looked up, surprised anyone approached her. I said simply “You’re it.” Handed her the card. She had the hesitation of someone being handed a flyer on the street, but accepted it and thanked me (still in shock and clueless as to what it was). The card now in her hand, I walked away. *chuckle* I wonder what she thought about it. 🙂

(Edit: I guess she liked it; she went online and tracked it the next week. As did my friend with his card. 🙂 )

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