Sneaky Card #29

Posted on March 1, 2017


I am looking after a friend’s cat while he’s out of town right now. Go over there a couple of times a day to feed her and try to bribe her (with tasty kitty treats) into becoming my friend. As for the latter, she is not easily won. I’m still working on it. 

I’m not giving up on you, Sebbie!

Yesterday morning, I took care of everything and had enough time to stop off at Starbucks before heading to work. I’m currently working with an intern and am now trying to use treats to bribe him as well. It’s not for friendship (think I already succeeded in that one without the bribery) but for information. I was looking for eyes on the “inside”. A story was being told among the interns about an experience I was involved in and I was hoping to possibly get his perspective on what was said. Yadda yadda yadda. 😂 That’s not really the truth. I was basically just being cool and deciding to pick up a coffee for him as well because I happen to like him as a person. And hey, if by chance he decides to squeal, bonus. ;-P

Anywho…. I texted him and asked him his poison. Think it made his morning. I get the feeling he had a struggley start to his day. He was pleased with his iced coffee beverage which gave me a joy in my heart. ☺️

As an afterthought, I decided to give him card #29 and told him to pay it forward. “Buy someone coffee.”


He dug the concept of the cards too, so it’s going to get passed along. 

So yeah…. It was a good time. 👍🏻

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