Sneaky Card #34

Posted on September 1, 2016


I’ve been listening to a lot of stand up comedy on Pandora lately. In the car. Between jobs. Today I was driving and listening to Tom Segura talk about his ordeal when trying to get a coffee at a coffee shop. He ends up getting coerced into ordering a “pussy drink”. I’m a Black Drip (or Anericana in a pinch) coffee girl myself. But for some reason it sounded stupid delicious. So I decided to get myself a really unhealthy coffee beverage from Starbucks (I know, the devil, right?). But I never get that stuff, so I was completely lost. So I asked the cute young barista for some assistance in finding something incredibly unhealthy for me. With a vegan stipulation. She was super sweet and cool and steered me in very much the right direction. I was so grateful for her helpfulness that I passed this card on to her:

(Without getting the chance to snap a photo of it, hence the different look this time)
Gave it to her along with the accompanying tip. 

So now I’m enjoying my stupid-good beverage. It’s kind of the best thing for me right now. ❤

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