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Fun Friday (The Dance Edition)

February 24, 2012


I'm enjoying this whole theme thing at the moment. Besides... I think we could all use a little inspiration, gearing up for the weekend. So get off your seat and dance....


February 17, 2012


I love a good photobomb. And I love photobombing. I can't tell you how many people out there must have me in their photos, somewhere in the background, always making the same face....

Fun Friday (The Dog Edition)

February 17, 2012


So... I was getting together some things for Fun Friday and realized there were a lot of dogs featured in the mix, so I decided to cut everything else and just go with the dog theme. It works, yeah? ...

20 Common Grammar Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Makes

February 13, 2012


I am a word nerd.  Sometimes a word nazi.  Which is why I love The Oatmeal.  Many times, it’s painful going on Facebook, reading all the common misspellings like “you’re/your” and “they’re/their/there”….. but I just cringe and say nothing. I came across an article written by Jon Gingerich and he pointed out 20 common grammar […]

Fun Friday

February 10, 2012


Another Friday means more fun.  For all.  And all had fun and it was Friday.  Fun. I am Currently… Reading: The Monster of Florence (it’s slow going; recreational reading is virtually nonexistent with my schedule) Listening to: Delphic – Acolyte Eating: Hummus and cucumbers Grateful for: New pair of gloves/mittens I received as a gift […]

Passing notes

February 7, 2012


Ah, a fond memory I think we all have: being in class and passing notes during the time you’re supposed to be paying attention.   Wasn’t it the best?  Remember how you’d get creative with it?: pretending to stretch and dropping it on the other person’s desk… getting up to sharpen your pencil and dropping it […]

In Soviet Russia, Dog Teach YOU

February 7, 2012


"Like an express train, barreling down the tracks, it hit me. I should be more like my dog." What I learnt from my dog about being mindful and conscious and how you can add mindfulness to your days.