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20 Common Grammar Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Makes

February 13, 2012


I am a word nerd.  Sometimes a word nazi.  Which is why I love The Oatmeal.  Many times, it’s painful going on Facebook, reading all the common misspellings like “you’re/your” and “they’re/their/there”….. but I just cringe and say nothing. I came across an article written by Jon Gingerich and he pointed out 20 common grammar […]

Self Realisation

January 18, 2012


I’ve always been better at conveying my thoughts via written form, as opposed to conversation.  I never knew why.  Guess I never tried to figure it out.  But it didn’t matter to me; all I knew was that I kicked butt when it came to writing out my feelings and if I had to talk, […]