All of us every single year, we’re a different person. I don’t think we’re the same person all our lives. ~Steven Spielberg

Posted on August 6, 2013


I realise it has been almost a year since I’ve posted anything, and I have often given myself the little tap on the shoulder, urging myself to write.  But I have not had the desire.  And I’ve been occupied with other matters.  But I’ve found a little time today, and truly, I’ve missed you.  I thought I’d share a bit of what’s been going on over the past year.  And give a warning that this will likely be a lonely post, for the next few months I will be entering into my internship and I hear that’s arduous and time consuming.  They’ve told the interns to start begging our families’ and friends’ patience and understanding, as we’re going to be immersed with intern-y things.  It’s pretty much going to rule my life, so I hear.  O_o

ANYwho… Let’s not discuss that.  Let’s discuss the things I’ve experienced over the past year.  How ’bout we do it in photos?  Yes, that sounds prettier and simpler.  ^_^

I have seen some lovely art-y things:

Eye ring!!!

I need a ring like this in my life.

City time is fun time  The knight haz a mustachio! It's funneh... Clock! Oooo sexeh Thinking of arty things  

I’ve seen some beautiful things…

hibiscus Flehrs! Bikey roady paths. Bike times are fun times. Lovely sea times ^_^  lovely evenings friendly skies greens and blues <3

… I’ve seen some pretty cool things:

inside a restroom stall at the pub

PACHINKO!! This sign looks like a willie Heck yes, dino-turds!!! That just happened. many sunsets <3 Fancy an old-timey shave? Ahoy! (watery adventures) Rainbow air adventures

I’ve consumed some delightful comestibles, demitasses and libations :

wee enchiladas tea time <3 starberry yummies  joes I wish I was eating it right now.... Fish bowl of goodness Sushi times Drink on a sexy beach? Yes please. A lot of coffee times happened Oh... It whas! I freaking HEART this stuff! (new love affair) It just got a whole lot fancier up in here Veg-ruben There's just something about a Jewish deli... Come to my mouth, brownie

I had some cool times with some cool people…

We're fancy. It's fancy time. Line-up shot FACES!!!! MOAR FACES!!!! Incorporation of cool people and food..... A good send-off for a friend moving back home Had some serious tmes, too Spacey Lee

Mum made an emergency trip to the hospital (she’s fine now)


So many machines O_o

My hair grew out (Ha! Thought you might like the update, considering my last post was nothing but a complaint about it):

I can put it up an' everthan'

I fist bumped someone and that crap was caught on two videos for a collab fist bump – EPIC:

I got called a loser by a car….


And I photobombed some people:


…… Yeah, it’s  been a pretty eventful year.