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Get It?

December 30, 2011


Everyone in this world is going through something. Sometimes we need to be reminded of that; then our problems won't seem so bad. Stop focusing so much on ourselves and how much we were put out or hurt and have compassion for our fellow humans.

Feeling Lonely?

December 23, 2011


If you are at first lonely, be patient. If you've not been alone much, or if when you were, you weren't okay with it, then just wait. You'll find it's fine to be alone once you're embracing it. ....

Laughter Just May Be the Best Medicine

December 20, 2011


I was on the subway, sitting on a newspaper, and a guy comes over and asks "Are you reading that?" I didn’t know what to say. So I said yes. I stood up, turned the page, and sat down again. (David Brenner)

“If it seems a childish thing to do, do it in remembrance that you are a child.” ~Frederick Buechner

December 16, 2011


Where was it along the path of our growing up that you lost your wide-eyed, enthusiastic, wondrous outlook on life? When was the last time you made a cushion/blanket castle? How much fun do you have each day? What holds you back? Recapture the childlike qualities to enjoy your life.

Small Goofinesses

December 14, 2011


The other night, I was out on the town with a couple of my favourite people and we passed by a restaurant that had music playing (rather loudly) outside.  So I started dancing.  My friend decided he needed to record me in action. So I give to you: my goofiness.  See, my fellow humans, this […]

The Artist’s Basic Principals

December 14, 2011


A foundation on which creative discovery and recovery can be built. See here Julia Cameron's basic principals to be referred to by any artist or aspiring artist.

Honoured and Grateful

December 7, 2011


What am I honoured and grateful for?  Fellow bloggers.  They are a gracious, supportive of each other and provide much inspiration.  Whenever I read the well-thought-out posts of my bloggy comrades, I am inspired, shown a different perspective in which to view life, uplifted and united with “strangers”.  There is a wonderful blogging community, replete […]


December 4, 2011


My story of test day. It was a whirlwind and a day of drama, anxiety, stress, crying and more crying. ... "A classmate exited the room and was asked how she felt. She answered, 'I wanna go home and die.' I laughed. I thought, 'Oh she's so silly. That's classic HER! She's a funny one. La-la-la!' .... I had no idea I would soon be in the same boat."

I’m Buggin’ Out!!!

December 1, 2011


I think I done lost it.  Here is where I am right now: (I do love a good “Ren freak-out”) A full day of studying and preparing for another full [test] day.  I broke my brain. I will be playing this song in my head all the way to school tomorrow.  And when I pull […]


December 1, 2011


Tomorrow is mid-program evaluation and I my bpm has gradually risen over the past week.  A month ago, the test was so far off that I knew it would never come.  Two weeks ago, I watched the students around me freaking out and studying everything front to back and then back to front again.  I […]