Sneaky Card #47

Posted on March 28, 2017


I had a pretty good morning.  I didn’t have to hit the snooze on the alarm. I had time for tea before I left home. The usually belligerent cat that I sometimes feed when her human is out of town decided to be my friend.  Enjoyed a lovely cup of coffee whilst sitting in the office. Had good chats with the cohort.  Got to work on a good list of People Who Should Gave Been Arch Enemies (it was a slow morning).  AND I got to give one of my Sneaky Cards to my supervisor.  I’ve been saving it for her for a while now; I figured it’d be right up her alley. And I was right. ☺  She loved the concept. Create a collaborative doodle. 

She was so excited about this whole idea of “play it forward” that she asked to see the rest of the deck.  I’ll have to bring that in to her soon. 

So yeah… all in all, good morning. 😃 

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