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Sneaky Cards 44 and 48

March 31, 2017


Yesterday I was something else.  Mentally, I was all over the place.  I had a lot of silly energy and couldn’t keep focused when given a task.  I started watching video after video of swing dancing couples.  Uber talented people.  I introduced a co-worker to HowToBasic and started watching a few of those.  Later, I […]

Sneaky Card #1

October 8, 2016


Last night I went out with some friends for dinner and drinks. We started at one place where I had a happy little whiskey concoction with my meal. This place was a prime people-watching establishment.  Such a motley array of demograph and social categories. So we gave some of them background stories. It’s a fun […]

Sneaky Card #34

September 1, 2016


I’ve been listening to a lot of stand up comedy on Pandora lately. In the car. Between jobs. Today I was driving and listening to Tom Segura talk about his ordeal when trying to get a coffee at a coffee shop. He ends up getting coerced into ordering a “pussy drink”. I’m a Black Drip […]

Sneaky Card #12

August 31, 2016


Had lunch with my best friend yesterday. And how’s this for serendipity – we happen to share the same middle name. So she had to be the one I shared this card with: “Give this card to someone who shares your middle name.” She was just as excited about this whole idea as I am. […]

Sneaky Cards 19 and 24

August 24, 2016


I went to a couple different coffee shops this weekend and played a couple more cards.  The first one was card #19,  “Hide this card somewhere it can be easily found.” I placed it under a pillow on a sofa. You’re welcome, random sitter.  The next day, I left number 24 a little further from […]

Sneaky Cards 13 and 4

August 18, 2016


Yesterday I met a friend at a coffee shop. He always makes me smile. The genuine Contribute-to-Your-Crows-Feet kinda smile. So I thought it so very fitting that he be the recipient of card number 13.  “Give this card to someone who makes you smile.” And it was such a feel-good, giving, smiling moment that we […]

Sneaky Card #25

August 16, 2016


I recently bought this game, Sneaky Cards, because I thought it would make my days a little more interesting and bring me out of my comfort zone sometimes. I like the idea of “play it forward”, involving strangers in a perpetual game and giving us all more of a sense of connection and community. Plus, […]