Honoured and Grateful

Posted on December 7, 2011


What am I honoured and grateful for?  Fellow bloggers.  They are a gracious, supportive of each other and provide much inspiration.  Whenever I read the well-thought-out posts of my bloggy comrades, I am inspired, shown a different perspective in which to view life, uplifted and united with “strangers”.  There is a wonderful blogging community, replete with people who are full of love to share.  In this blogosphere, we’re given a unique, beautiful connection to others who cherish the same things as we.  And it amazes me.

I have been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by Love Out Loud and am very honoured for such a nomination.  Especially coming from such a wonderful person.  LOL is all about the love.  LOL is very apparently present to surroundings.  LOL is an artist, has a passion for life and music (I do so enjoy Music Mondays. They take me on some really delightful journeys).  Truly an inspiration.  Thank you for the nomination. *bows*

Alright, so I was given instructions to go with this nomination.

What a cute little bloggy photo….

Now, I must nominate 5 others with less than 200 followers.  Hmm…. Just 5… this is tough.  Well, you guys will have to excuse me; I am somewhat new to this whole blogging thing and I don’t know how to tell how many followers a blog has.  So I’m gonna do my best here and go with all-time favourites.

1) Melanie over at Living Aloha will have to be number one.  She is a huge reason I started this blog.  With just a simple question of “do you blog?”.  Her question pushed me to do something I had been contemplating for a while.  Melanie is an amazing person.  She is full of love.  She is a Yoga instructor and travels frequently which makes me hate her at the same time I love her.  She enjoys the simple things in life and I always come refreshed from reading her posts.  Her writings are a joy to read.  What a beautiful human being!  Please go check her blog out; she’s amazing.

2) Sarah at Stars and Rainbows must be mentioned, as she is another favourite.  Her posts, regular and frequent, are always a great read.  Her photography is beautiful and I enjoy her “Sunday Night Inspiration“s with their collections of great photos and quotes.  Sarah’s posts inspire me, as I can see she’s been through her share of poo and she powers through it all with a determined spirit.  She is beautiful and supportive and lovely.  Oh, and the way she writes… she is an excellent writer; she knows just how to put things so that they make sense.

3) Jacqueline, writer of 6 Months to Live, is an awesome person.  She’s decided to fulfill all the things she’s ever wanted to do, as if she has only 6 months left to live.  I love this idea.  She inspired me to write my own list of things to accomplish; something I’d never done before because of being too afraid to make goals.  She is a sweetheart who appreciates the connections she makes along her journey through life and she brings love with her.  She is gracious and kind.  Her goals are an inspiration.

4) Charlie with Sacred Meetings in Stillness is a very special and amazing person.  He helps people, builds them up and shows them love.  He also writes beautiful poetry from the heart.  Charlie is a refreshingly real person.  He is honest and compassionate.  And he’s deep.  His blog posts are beautiful, as is he.  He runs barefoot, which is what got me reading his blog and it pretty much makes him a rockstar in my book.  Very interesting bloke.  And his résumé kicks butt.

5) G, over at The Magnificent Something  is an excellent photographer and writer who lives in London.  He comes across and shares the mundane beauty with the rest of the world in his blog.  I enjoy the filter through which he sees life.  It is art.  I like reading of his experiences and his humour is very much like my own, so his posts are a joy to read.

Thank you all for the fantastic reads and inspiration.  Please keep it up. ^_^ ♥  And to everyone else, I highly recommend you stop by their blogs.  These are some superb blogs written by outstanding individuals.

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