Passing notes

Posted on February 7, 2012


Ah, a fond memory I think we all have: being in class and passing notes during the time you’re supposed to be paying attention.   Wasn’t it the best?  Remember how you’d get creative with it?: pretending to stretch and dropping it on the other person’s desk… getting up to sharpen your pencil and dropping it off as you pass by… then there’s the blatant, quick pass while the teacher had his/her back turned.  Good times.  Wasn’t it the greatest when you received a note?  You were now on the inside of something shared between two people.  Ahh secrets…. they’re always the best when they’re not about you.

I came across a lovely post with a fun activity that brings back the “good ol’ days”, so I thought I’d get in on it, as it looks loads of fun (and putting off homework is always fun).

On notebook paper (it must be notebook paper…. to keep it legit), write the following:

  1. Your name
  2. Your blog’s URL
  3. The classic, very useful sentence:  The quick red fox jumps over the lazy brown dog.
  4. Your favorite quote
  5. Your favorite song (at the moment)
  6. Your favorite band/musician/singer (at the moment)
  7. Write anything that you want
  8. Tag three to five bloggers
  9. Post a picture of your note, and leave the link in the comments section below, because I wanna see it!

Here’s my note. . .

I couldn’t help but draw/doodle all over it.  What’s the fun in a passed note if you don’t doodle on it??

Anyway, I’d like to pass my note to Sarah, Liz, Alex, Brittany, and LoveOutLoud.

Oh, and if I didn’t tag you, do it anyway (and post it in my comments) because I would love to see everyone’s notes. ^_^

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