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Mock Tuna Salad (Vegan)

August 6, 2012


What? *Mock* tuna salad? Balderdash! Is that even a thing? How could it be tuna salad if there's no tuna? I thought the same thing when I found out about it. But then I tried it and was astonished at its yumminess and.... bizarre similarity to tuna salad. And I'm hooked. So I've decided to share my recipe with the world. Do try it, despite its odd name.

A Bit of Catch-Up

March 14, 2012


My ramblings of the things that have been occupying the time between studies and work and the like. Highlights of the good times. Basically what I've been doing, that I can't seem to write on my blog for an aeon. Okay, I'm being dramatic. ...... This post is a whole lot of word vomit.