Life List

My reason for this list is found here…. It’s a rather exciting and lovely story.  I basically decided it was time I started actually doing something, instead of sitting around and waiting for things to happen to me.   This list will be updated as I think of more things, and as I do them, I will be crossing them off.

♥  Take a spontaneous road trip

♥  Learn to surf

 Run a 5k

♥  Run a half marathon

♥  Visit Hawaii

♥  Go to school to gain my profession


♥  Go rock climbing

♥  Drive California’s SR 1

♥  Go to Jamaica

Learn ASL

♥  Go scuba diving

♥  Make it out to London

♥  Perform in a play

♥  Backpack through Europe

♥  Take singing lessons

♥  Be a mentor

♥  Visit a beautiful beach

♥  Visit the Museum of Modern Art

♥  Tour Paris on foot

♥  See a humpback whale live and in person

♥  Drink in at at least one location where Zane Lamprey has drank

♥  Perform at an Open Mic

♥  Visit Cozumel again

♥  Drink Guinness in a pub in Ireland

♥  Go to hanami in Japan

♥  Walk along a caye in Belize

♥  Drop a toy parachute man from the top of a very tall place

♥  Try miracle fruit

♥  Cross the Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver

♥  Go snorkeling in a pristine ocean

♥  Become proficient at ukuele

♥  Meet Douglas Preston

♥  Display my art

♥  Sing in a band

Take a then and now photo

Project 365 – take a photo a day

Attend a good play

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