Sneaky Cards 44 and 48

Posted on March 31, 2017


Yesterday I was something else.  Mentally, I was all over the place.  I had a lot of silly energy and couldn’t keep focused when given a task.  I started watching video after video of swing dancing couples.  Uber talented people.  I introduced a co-worker to HowToBasic and started watching a few of those.  Later, I texted her one and she said she didn’t look at it because watching them makes her uncomfortable.  I posted one to her Facebook page later because it involved Jelly Babies and we have a shared history with them.  It tricked her – she didn’t realise the video was a HowToBasic and she clicked on it.  By this time, it was the evening and she Snapchatted me two videos back to back: her bare leg getting ketchup squeezed onto it, then her hand rapidly slapping the ketchup on her leg.  I. Laughed.  So hard.  She just went for it.  Anyone who will do something like that for comedy’s sake is a rockstar in my book.

I was leaving work when I got those Snaps and I laughed all the way home.  So I thought I’d reciprocate the HowToBasic homage.  This is what I did for her:



But I digress.  I’m supposed to be talking about my sneaky cards, aren’t I?

During the morning at work, I decided to do a twofor.  A colleague and an intern were standing in the hallway, discussing where they were going to go get a bite to eat.  So on the way into the office I told them I had something for both of them.  To the colleague, I gave him this:

In conjunction, of course, with a haiku.  My haiku was as follows:

Otter and hedgehog

Blue scarf and oatmeal jumper

Furry adventures!

Meh, not my best, but whatever.  When I handed it to him, he asked, “another game?”  I’ve been playing lots of games recently.  He said he usually doesn’t do this kind of thing (the forwarding/pass it on stuff), but this is unique so he’s in.

To the intern, I handed her this:

Didn’t really get a whole lot of feedback from her. *shrug*
So there we have it. My two Sneaky Cards and a couple of videos to concern you.


Oh, and if you care to see what exactly I was watching on YouTube – for context – here are a couple of the videos:

Max and Thomas swing 

How to make Jelly Babies