We R PC Illiterate Then How do U Email or Text It? (or Y U NO LEARN HOW TO YOUTUBE!?)

Posted on December 15, 2014


My aunt.  *groan, runs fingers through hair*  Oh my aunt.  About a month ago, she texts me, asking me to… well… see for yourself:

We r pc illiterate then how do you email or text it?

If you can understand her text lingo, congratulations.  Because it always takes me a little while to decipher her messages.  Now if you’re thinking I was being rude to her in my replies, trust me, I wasn’t.  She’s a New Yorker and we rag on each other all the time.  After my first passive aggressive reply and her “pc illiterate” explanation, I felt a little sorry for her, so I threw her a bone and just went ahead and did the “ridiculously easy” YouTube search for the video she wanted, because…. it was ridiculously easy and it’s not like I was busy or anything.  It made her happy.

This morning I received a text from her….

Dear Sec.


face palm

I am now her secretary that texts her all the YouTube videos she thinks are funny.

I don’t know why I am writing about it on here (It’ll probably get deleted), I guess the incredulity just got me so I had to share.  I don’t know whether to laugh or Y U NO LEARN HOW TO YOUTUBE??

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