I wish I was a little bit taller I wish I was a baller… I wish my hair was a little bit longer, y’all

Posted on October 9, 2012


Wow… It’s been a while.  I have been exceedingly busy lately, what with taking 4 classes and holding two jobs.  I’ve scarce had time for anything else.  Right now, I am sitting with a bowl of quinoa, fueling up for a run and I’m on here…. neglecting homework (really bad idea… there are tests today).

I hate my hair right now.  I hate it.  It has grown out from a specialised haircut and it has been an abhorrence for the past…. oh I don’t know, 6 or 7 months.  It’s not cute.  I do utilitarian things to keep it back and out of my way.  And it’s never cute.  When it is down…. it’s not cute.  My hair is not cute.  So I hate it.  I’ve tried highlighting it, to give it some cuteness.  It’s better with the texture, but still… not cute.  I need to talk to my girl [stylist]; something must be done.

I gotta run now.  My 10 minutes are up.  I can’t believe I just came here to talk about my hair.  I wanted to update on what’s been happening or whatever.  But all you got is a rant on my hair.  *shrug*  Well, they can’t all be winners.  Have a dandy week!

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