My Closet Tells Me I Am Not a Grown Up

Posted on June 20, 2012


Today is the day that we take off for the conference.  Mah boy will be here at 9am to pick me up.  I didn’t start packing until this morning.  Standing in my closet, looking at my selection of clothes and trying to decide what to wear this week… I realise that my wardrobe is not the wardrobe of a grown up.  Band tees, graphic tees, …. tees, ribbed tanks, halters, little sun dresses…. while these things may be cute, I realise that I am studying to be in a professional field and none of these clothes fit the bill.

This morning, I found it exceedingly difficult to figure out the look I will be going for over the next few days.  You see… in this profession, one is required to wear dark, professional attire at all times.  But when attending workshops, you can dress down.  My dilemma is this: I have never attended this specific event before and don’t know how far down to dress.  I don’t want to be that awkward student who came to the party in beach clothes, only to find out that for this particular event, everyone dresses tip-top because it’s good for networking.  Nor do I want to be the only nerd who shows up looking like the one who came to work the event, whilst everyone else is in their capris and patterny, summery blouses.  So I’m going for the line between the two, hoping for the best.  I’m going for “grown-up” but not “stuffy”.  And therein lies my problem.  I have nearly zero things that fall into that category.  I barely have any grown-up clothes at all (and only because I had to go out and buy some for my classes and mid-program) and they would match the “stuffy” category.  For today, I decided to don an almost-stuffy-but-kinda-cute-flair-added-so-that-I-won’t-look-completely-out-of-place-either-way outfit so that I can look around and see what others are wearing and go from there.

…. then there’s my shoes.  They’re Vibrams.  Colourful ones.

*deep breath* There. I got all of that out in the open.  Now you know that I dress like a teenage girl who hangs out stage left after concerts, hoping to get a photo with the band.  (who told you I did that?! pfff…. besides, the merch booth is where it’s at. 😉 )  But try not to ruin it for me; I don’t need my new network of people to know the shame I keep in my closet.

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