Workout Music

Posted on June 11, 2012


I’m one of those runners who listens to music when I’m hitting the pavement.  Throughout my whole running “career”, whenever I need to get some fresh tunes to keep me company out on the road/trail, I have a very hard time coming up with new stuff to motivate me (and it takes a long time).  So I hit the interwebz for ideas on my new running playlist …. only to be disappointed.  What I find is heaps of pop, some rap and then some other stuff that I wouldn’t even consider workout music.  And then I wonder if there’s anyone else who has the same issue.  My musical tastes don’t revolve around pop.  Sure, some of it is fun and can even be used in a playlist from time to time for an enjoyable experience.  But I’ve noticed that my running songs typically steer toward punk, rock and rap with a good beat.  So sharing time.  My current playlist is as follows:

….. and then I’ve a few cool-down songs; some time for me to walk and reflect ….

So now it’s your turn.  What is on your current workout playlist?

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