Tuesday Night Nothings

Posted on May 1, 2012


So I pretty much shot myself in the foot this evening.  I’ve some information to study for tomorrow’s quiz in the morning and had myself a pre-dinner booze-drink [didn’t have much to eat earlier today], as well as a….. concurrent(?) dinner drink.  Don’t judge me; my words don’t come so quick (or correct) right now.  Anyway, I sat down to review my information for this quiz and found that I really couldn’t care less.  So here I am, needing to study… class is at 11 tomorrow and I still need to go shopping and cook for the “potluck” we’re having for the class (last week of meeting and all, before final. We’ve spent a year and a half together; we’re practically family).  Soooo…. this basically gives me little to no time to study.  Because hell if I’m gonna get any studying done tonight.  So yeah.  Shot myself in the foot.  Not that I particularly care at this very moment, because I have booze brain.  And while we’re on the subject, I don’t know that any of this post is going to be of much interest to anyone, because it’s basically planed to be a bunch of boozy poppycock.

Have you ever tried to check fluid levels on your car when you’ve had booze brain?  ….. I have.   (Who would do that?)

So what else… Hmm… oh yeah.  I ran the neighborhood yesterday.  3k.  Barefoot.  All was great, till I hit a small snag through a sticker patch.  Fortunately, my feet are tough enough that most of the stickers didn’t stick.  Just had to stop to pull one out.  This could be a problem during the summer months, once they all dry completely… and no sidewalk there.  Yikes.  But anyway, it was a good run. I needed the release.
It was 32/89 degrees and I didn’t even feel it.  Perhaps it was the breeze, or perhaps it was my focus on the run.  Either way, it was good.
I didn’t realize I was going as fast as I was.  12km/h.  I guess I really did need to get some stress out. I think this may be some sort of a personal record.  Don’t know.  But I didn’t feel like I was going that fast.

I kinda feel like I’m drunk dialing you.  Kinda thrilling and such.

This is totally me right now, over this excursion.

Here’s something exciting: I’m going off to Other Town for a conference [all professional-like.  For my aspiring career] next month with a mate for like 5 days.  We’re gonna carpool and make mix-tapes [I’m not even kidding you about this part. Okay, they’re CDs.  But still.  You get the idea.] and room together and everything!  [imagine a preteen gushing about Justin Bieber (or whoever is the thing now) and you’ve pretty much got the idea of what I’m like about going to this thing next month]  It’s pretty exciting.  On our off-time, we’re totally gonna tear up Other Town.  Straight up.

Oh. Also, I am legit excited about taking my summer off, you have no idea.  I’ve not had a real rest for a year and a half and I am in desperate need of it.  I am ever grateful for Susan and Tom for advising me as to what path to take [as far as summer plans go].  Both of them said very wise things about the matter and helped me immensely.  I went in, asking for their advice, fully expecting them to tell me to basically “man up” and get through it.  But what they did tell me was (and this is funny, because I talked with them separately, neither of them knowing I spoke with the other) that this is my journey and the goal that I have, I will ultimately achieve and it doesn’t matter how I get there.  That if I need the break, there’s nothing wrong with taking it.  It’s encouraged, in fact.  It’s been emphasised from day one that this is a journey, not a race.  And this summer, I have to take that to heart as I step aside for a breather.  It is what I need right now to refresh and renew and enter fall semester with green perspective again.  This current semester I think, has been cheated out of my %100, due to my exhaustion from last semester.  I have a feeling that if I take summer, I’ll continue to be the burnt out student.  I really don’t want that.  It’s not fair to my performance or to me as a whole person.  Wow.  I think the booze has worn off.  I produced an intelligible paragraph.  Sort of.

I’m going to quit whilst I’m “ahead”.  If you’ve made it this far, I’m amazed.  Thanks for taking to the time out to hear my ramblings.  Have a wonderful Hump Day!

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