Fun Friday

Posted on March 23, 2012


Wanna waste some time on the interwebs?  I’ve wasted some time for you in order to find some fun sites for this Fun Friday….. So enjoy yourself. 🙂

Home Run – try to keep a drunk guy walking upright by aiming your mouse to balance him. I was terrible at this one.

Word Shoot – Oh my goodness. Addicting!  You have to shoot at the guys coming at you. And in order to do that, you need to type the words that show up under them.  It gets pretty crazy fast.  I had fun with it.

Get away from your computer, get outside and do something dangerous.  This site tells you how to make ping pong pistols, spud guns, zip lines, burning bubbles, vinegar grenades, dry ice bombs and all sorts of dangerously fun stuff.

Listen to some music based on your mood.

Play with an ASCII Generator.  Make it spell your junk.  Copy and paste it and use it as your email signature or whatever.

Want to be in Daft Punk?  Here you can play either Technologic or Harder Better Faster Stronger…. you control when/what the words are.  Fun for like 5 seconds.

I’m extremely tickled by this game.  It’s a very short game.  And the actual game isn’t anything special, but you should play it just to experience the song at the end.  It’s awesome. Really.

Okay… I’ve wasted enough time for this week…. time to get back to studying.  But this was fun.  Heh. 🙂  And you have fun with it, too.  Have any other good, fun time wasters? Share em in the comments section below. ^_^

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