Fun Friday

Posted on March 16, 2012


I know, I’ve missed a couple of weeks.  But things have seriously been crazy.  We wont talk about all that though, because it’s Friday and it’s supposed to be fun. 🙂  So here are some things I’ve gotten a kick out of:

Oh my goodness, this is SO my cat. The little jerk.

I laugh every time I see this.  I love you, Donald Glover.

An old favourite

Turkey vulture is awesome.

Doood… this is amusing – you can put yourself into a game and then play it. Teehee!

I may be just the biggest dork ever, but I am tickled by this. (another old favourite)

Brown recluse is a jerk.

It's Friday; put on a helmet, take off your shirt and slather yourself with mayonnaise.

Oh, and don’t forget to grab your guitar, cause how else will you rock out?

Reading: study assignments (I know, Dullsville)
Listening to: Ballyhoo – The Quest
Eating: homemade sugar cookies!
Grateful for:
Random acts of kindness

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