A Bit of Catch-Up

Posted on March 14, 2012


Having my spring break right now and sadly, I’m still working my toosh off for my studies.  Why do teachers assign work for over the holiday, anyhow?  Nurnur-heads.

I’m not sure where this post will take us (I think I’m just going to ramble), but I thought I’d update on what I’ve been doing lately.

Number one thing: I’ve been enjoying the lovely weather here.  I appreciate the rain and enjoy watching a good storm happen outside my window.  On the days it’s not raining, the temperature has been mild and sunny and exquisite! Over the weekend, I went out on the patio, sat and listened to the sweet sound of a harp float through the air as one of my neighbours practiced with her window open.  It was delightful and peaceful.

The trees have bloomed early this year.  And they. Were. Gorgeous!  And the smell those beautiful flowers gave off was delicious.  This is my favourite time of year because the school has these trees all over the place ans that wonderful smell pervades the entire campus.  So I’ve been soaking all of that up.

I’ve been running the neighbourhood, both in my minimalist sandals and rocked out one day, going barefoot.  What a freeing experience.  I’m sure to make that a habit.

I’ve become quite addicted to DrawSomething.  I’ve at least 25 games going on at the moment.

I decided to make a vodka infusion with hot peppers and lime zest.  It’s unique.  The first day, after a couple of hours, the vodka smelled like gin.  I tasted it and it tasted like gin, but with a kick of heat.  The next day, the gin smell/flavour went away and it matured into this… this… interesting limey, (very hot) peppery flavour.

My best friend and  new wonderful friend have announced that they will be getting married.  So we’ve got some excitement happening here pretty soon.  I will be assisting in the personal shower and such.  Which gives me great joy and also cracks me up.  She’s so worried that I will be doing something majorly embarrassing to get her back for her gift to me years ago.  Which…. is true.  But I think she’s imagining something so much worse than what I’ll actually do (probably because I’ve been threatening her for years).  I haven’t decided yet what I will do, but embarrassing bridal shower gifts have become somewhat of an art for me.  A couple weddings back, I gave a friend a ‘kit’ for sexy times.  The kit was made out of everyday household items and I skewed their purpose and turned them into sexy things.  I don’t remember them all anymore.  All I can recall at the moment is Mr. Bubble bubble bath – I wrote on the label with a sharpie “Sexy” before the words “bubble bath”.  And I got Fruit Roll-Ups and cut them and designed them and made my own “edible panties”. They were awesome (and believe you me, they tasted much better).  Anywho, I must think of something grand for my bestie.  But not distasteful.  There’s a fine line that I must not cross.  Know?

I’ve become somewhat of a regular customer at a local bagel shoppe.  They have the most amazing, best, tastiest bagels I have ever had in my life.  And their coffee is not bad.  Can’t beat the price either.  So they have become a favourite hang out.  I will sometimes take my study material and get a bagel and an unending cup of coffee and stay there for hours, studying for class.

I’ve been making yummy meals as of late. From stir-fry with tofu, to veggie chili, to roasted potatoes, to black bean patties, to hummus, to quinoa patties….. ohmygoodness, the quinoa patties are the best!  Maybe I’ll post a recipe up some day. And the black bean patties – they are always a favourite.  You must try them.  So I’ll have to figure out a recipe to put down (I never use one; I just ‘eyeball’ it) and give to you.

Been buying some magnificent organic produce from the market.  Isn’t it pretty?   I just love the colours. 🙂

Craving lots of good beer lately.  And not been satisfying that craving.  What I want is a good IPA or a hefeweizen or a blonde … I’d even go for an amber.  It’s getting to that time of year where the light ones are the yummiest.  First and foremost, though, I crave a pale ale.  If you get me one, you can be my new best friend.  ^_^

I payed a visit to a museum.  I haven’t been to that museum in ages.  Mostly because it costs an arm and a leg to get in.  Don’t they know I’m a student and I need me some culture up in here?  … For free?  Well, apparently they don’t.  But I’ve found a way to work around the system and only go on the one day a month that it is free.  And I had a super time.  Walked through the visiting expedition and then through ye olde favourites.  I gotta say, not a fan of Renaissance artwork.  Too creepy for my taste.  But to each his/her own, yes?  I did enjoy so much more though.  Like this Monet …. it is my favourite.

I had an appointment for a photoshoot this week, but it got canceled.  So sometime soon it will happen, and perhaps I will post some of the photos.  It’s to be coolish retro 40s-ish style.  Or something.  So it should be fun. 🙂

Oh also… I’m digging on this song :

It looks like I’ve run out of time.  But this was fun.  We should do this again sometime.  I don’t know why you’ve made yourself a stranger.  Jeez!

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