Fun Friday (The Dog Edition)

Posted on February 17, 2012


So… I was getting together some things for Fun Friday and realized there were a lot of dogs featured in the mix, so I decided to cut everything else and just go with the dog theme.  It works, yeah?

"... It's for you, boy"

This dude knows it’s Friday:

Jumping dogs are the best! I love this guy:

Oh, Hipster Dog....

An oldie but goodie:

You NEVER go full derp!

^ It had me loling…. hey, no one ever said my humour was high brow. 😉

Here’s another old favourite (wait forrr iiiiit…..):

Reading: Nutrition: From Science to You (required reading, but kinda interesting)
Listening to: Everything’s Who Got the Hooch
Eating: tomato/goat cheese pizza
Grateful for: the support of my classmates through this semester

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