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Posted on January 13, 2012


In my rounds of blog readings, I come across many gems of beauty, inspiration, amusement, and thought provocation.  I thoroughly enjoy those gems and recently realized that I could/should be sharing them with others (why I’m so selfish sometimes is beyond me. I apologise. ^_-).

Yes and Yes have published  a network of nice hook ups.  It’s a list of people who either need a hook-up in one way or another, or people who are offering the hook-up in particular fields.  You can contact the people on the list through their emails provided.  I love this idea of strangers going to each other and getting help and doing each other solids – out of the kindness of their hearts.  This isn’t done enough these days.

Musings of the Amusing Muse posted on concentrating more on the journey it takes to get there, instead of the destination itself.  She makes wonderful points and I encourage you to check out her post.  She is talking of physical journeys, but I think this also applies to where you’re going with your life.  Not to be in such a hurry to be the Olympic athlete or the finished product of the “perfect” person you want to be or the graphic designer (or whatever field you learn and work to be a part of), but to enjoy the ride along the way, because those experiences are what teach you and help you and make you into that person you’re striving to become.

Speaking of enjoying that journey, Tamara at Daily Transformations talks here about stopping and getting to know your fellow humans.  Sharing more of yourself with the world and by doing so, helping them.  Letting others see your humanity.  …. You never know when it may happen… something you talk about that you’re going through hits home with someone else and they are helped and can take something positive from what you shared.  How rewarding!  And a true connection, unanticipated, with someone new.

Liz, on her fantastic blog, Cats and Chocolate, makes a very good point of being spontaneous. Step outside your comfort zone and do something without over thinking.  Listen to yourself and what you really want and go out and do it.  Accomplish something wonderful.

Julien at In Over Your Head is quite the character.  Cracks me up.  At the same time, makes very valid points.  Like in the post, The Short and Sweet Guide to Being F’ing Awesome, you are given just that.  You want to be awesome?  Read this post.  It uses rather salty language, so be forewarned.

Another blog that cracks me up is Something New Please.  It provides wonderful short stories of delicious randomness.  My all-time favourite is Babies.  I go back to it again and again, whenever I need a chuckle.

Living Aloha always provides me with wonderful inspirations in her precious words.  I also regularly come from her posts more educated.  Like this one.  I didn’t know of the water experiments the Japanese doctor had conducted until I read Melanie’s post. (Of course, after I learned a little, I had to get more information.)  She also makes a sharp assessment of her own, based on the doctor’s findings.  It makes so much sense.  When we are torn down verbally, it’s no wonder we feel so bad, physiologically!

Belas Bright Ideas is a blog that I subscribe to, as she has a beautiful soul and is very insightful.  Her latest post hit me hard, talking about just how much people throw around the word “compassion” and exactly what it means.

I’ve mentioned her before, but I have to bring her up again, because she’s such an amazing person.  Sarah at Stars and Rainbows.  I love her post about lifting her veil and not fearing what others think of her for her thoughts, values and opinions.  She’s truly an inspiration for this.  So many strive for nothing but to win the favour of other people.  She’s found her way out of that trap and into something liberating.  It should be celebrated and emulated.

Alex Beadon Photography is not only a photo blog.  She’s a beautiful person with excellent posts.  She posted about Why Everyone Should Blog and I especially appreciated where she wrote: “I honestly believe that everyone has something to say. Everyone has a voice, everyone has a reason to be heard.”  It’s true.  Which was a reason I started blogging, myself.  And this post put me in mind to post about a revelation I recently stumbled across, whilst thinking about “nothing”.  On the things I have to say and why I’m better at writing than talking.  That post forthcoming.  But back to Alex and her post.  If you have been a lurker, reading others’ blogs, or you’ve been thinking about starting one yourself but just haven’t (for one reason or another), go check her post out.  It might just be the kick in the butt you need to start. 🙂

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