Do No Harm

Posted on November 8, 2011


Hippocratic Oath. 1 Thessalonians 5:13.  Ahimsa.  Shalom.  ☮.  Codes of various professions’ conduct.  These beliefs and systems all contain a common root – to cause no harm. This mutual vein is something I have been contemplating a great deal recently.  I haven’t been thinking about it in the conventional sense: the concept of peace and non-harming, physically.  Of course, there’s a definite need for that.  But my line of thought focuses more on the thought or word of someone so as to be non-injurious.  I think this aspect of peace is overlooked far too much.  Showing contempt for another person, voicing that contempt to someone else, harbouring unreasonable dislike for or prejudice towards anyone, verbal abuse, hating, backstabbing, telling lies about another person; these are examples of harmful conduct that go against the sublime principal of non-injury and peace.  And yet these are the things I see too often in my immediate surroundings, despite our own Code of Professional Conduct.  Thing is, the people who are doing it do not realize the damage they are doing.  It is not just a harm to the target person (which they may not even realize that harm), it is a detriment to other witnesses of the abuse, as well as to themselves.  Yes, if you are smack-talking about someone, you’re bringing that negativity to the fore and allowing it to poison the air that everyone breathes.  The vibes in the room will be crushed and ruined for anyone trying to appreciate the positive, beautiful things in life.  And how healthy is it for yourself to harbour resentment?

I see this happen far too much in my immediate surroundings.  Censure and derision.  And side-taking and divisions.  This isn’t high school.  And we’re professionals… at least, we will be.  And we’re supposed to be practising the professional code of conduct already.  Grow up, people.  I have my own struggles without having to be bothered by your callow diatribes to hover over my day like a storm cloud.  Immi-fsh!  *deep breath*  *looks for happy place*

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