“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” ~ Albert Einstein

Posted on October 24, 2011


Morning traffic, even if I leave early, is a bear. And I’ll admit, I’m not the most patient driver.  I live in a big city and the drivers here are awful.  So to get by, I’ve adopted the bad habits of the majority.  Survival of the fittest and such.  Mind you, I haven’t always been this bad.  I’m not one to eschew blame, but (here I go)… the city has made me this way.  I was a good driver once upon a time.  But everyone with their “me first” attitudes and their not allowing others to change lanes because they can’t stand for anyone to drive in front of them (I don’t use my turn signal on the highway anymore because of this) and the tailgating and speeding etc… etc… It’s turned me into this… this… Have you ever seen Blast From the Past?  The scene where Alicia Silverstone is driving….

@ 5:12 here.

Okay, I’m not that bad.  But I might as well be.  A big problem I have is I seem to take it personal.  Like they’re just out to get me.  Yes, I know that’s not really the case, but when it’s happening, that’s how it feels.  What is my point?  Yes, I have one.  This morning, in the usual morning traffic jungle, [I am trying to be better for my own well-being… and such] the words of blogger Melanie, at Living Aloha rang through my head.  In one of her posts, she talks about turning your situation around and making it positive for yourself.

“…we might fear that we have been disrespected. Or, we might fear that we will be late. Or that we have been taken advantage of. When you break it down, you realize that none of that is really that important coming from a stranger in the big picture. So you choose to come from a place of Love. Maybe the line-cutter [bad driver] is very unaware and/or rude, but is it really our job to teach them a lesson or make them feel bad? Hmm not so much. Send them some love and Let It Go.”

Thanks, Melanie.  It helped me a great deal.  When driving and thinking about it this way, it takes stress out of my commute and makes me a better/safer/nicer person.  Those jerks [Is it fair to call them that? Maybe they’re not all jerks; maybe they’re just trying to make it through traffic just like I have been] are not my problem unless I let them be my problem.  Why have I let them be my problem for so long?  Little by little, I’m working on a better me.  *deep breath*

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