My True Colours

Posted on October 14, 2011


I am red

The colour that flows through

The colour of love and passion

The rose which red doth deeply imbue

The colour of Dolcetto and cherries

Gamay and strawberries

Courage and strength

Energy and action

Desire and attraction

The fire that burns within you

I am orange

The colour of sweet citrus


Take the risk

Making you hungry

Inspiring creativity

Sunrise and butterflies

Pumpkin pies

The turned leaves in autumn

And the sunset once twilight has come

I am yellow

Bright and full of energy

The colour of sunshine and lemons

Of the cab that takes you where you want to be

Spontaneous and joyful


The colour of daffodils

Of sweet, sweet pineapple

Summer dresses and blonde tresses


I am green

The colour of life

Of renewal

Of Phoenix

The colour of lime and springtime

The chameleon with all her tricks

I am the colour that makes you calm

Green as the light that lets you go on

And I am green

Green as the forest and all of its trees

I am blue

The colour of sky and sea

Steadfast and friendly

I am True Blue

Through and through

I am the colour of confidence

Cool and calm

I am wisdom

Starry Night and the morning glory

I’ll do what’s right and you’ll hear the true story

I am violet

So beautiful, I am a flower

I am harmony

The colour of royalty


I have imagination and empathy

I need respect and individuality


The colour that inspires

Emotional desires

I am the rainbow

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